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XLarge Podium Case Kit

XLarge Podium Case Kit

The Podium Case is an easy-to-handle shipping Case that can quickly and easily be turned into a spacious counter. The Podium Case is a perfect for items such as Popup Displays and Banner Stands. To create the XLarge counter just put the top on both cases, insert the shelves and add the graphic wrap.   If you want a smaller Counter visit the small and large Podium Counters products on this site.



2qty Podium Shipping Cases

8qty Shelves

2qty Black Wooden connecting tops 

Height:  38 9/16"
Width:  85 13/16"
Depth:  41 3/4"


This Counter holds a maximum distributed weight of 132lbs.


Weight of 100lbs reflects 2qty cases, 8qty shelves, 1qty xlarge top, 1qty graphic

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