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File Specifications

Files are best at 150dpi final size (300 half size)


Using the provided template is always recommended. A General guideline is that all the files need to have 1" larger (1/2" all around) Bleed.

In addition there is a save zone that is approximately 2.5" from the Edge but can be greater depending on the size of the frame because of the stretch factor.



Submit as vector art

Art as TIF (bitmap) may not be good enough quality


Photoshop and Illustrator

Print Ready PDF (Preferred)



AI and EPS Files 

Outline All Text

Include all Images in your file (Embedded)


TIF and JPG Files

Convert to CMYK

Save as flattened uncompress TIF or highest quality JPG

Color Matching

Specify PMS Colors

Images with gradients are not able to color match

File Submission

Use the DE File Upload or provide us with a link at

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